Models: @cybunnie and @chey.skye

Models: @cybunnie and @chey.skye

About the Owner

Callie Ota-Q has been a J-fashion enthusiast for nearly a decade. After growing up in Japan, she moved to to America for college, where she noticed how difficult it is to get high quality, cute clothing for people her size.  Now, she is combining her art and love for fashion to share clothes and encourage people to wear what they want! 

What is Ota-Q?

Ota-Q (pronounced o-ta-kyu) is a mixture of two words that explain the style we share! The Japanese word otaku (おたく) means a person who is obsessed with pop culture and has been used to extend to people outside of Japan who love J-fashion, J-pop, anime, and other geeky interests. The Q is short for cute, the general feel that all of our items have. 


We offer easily accessible clothing and accessories for Japanese fashion enthusiasts of all body types and budgets. Whether you're a beginner and building up your wardrobe or are a veteran, these cute, original styles are sure to charm you!